Ticket Management

GeoKing provides insights to the customer tickets entered in the system.

Providing a centralized and effective way to track the information, GeoKing delivers quick resolution through its underlying automated process. Track customer feedback, analyze reports and view dashboards on the go. Watch the Preview to view the features and functionality offered.

Track and Resolve

Displays consolidated list of tickets powered by AI.

Keep a close track on every incident until it is resolved. Dashboard provides an overview of the ticket progress and resolutions. Resolve tickets and anticipate the business requirements while mitigating risks.

Assign and Analyze

View all aspects of ticket

Including Reference ID, Location, Ticket Date, Status, Close Date, Aging, Severity and Action. Manage the tickets by its severity level and assign to respective departments. Use the Action tab to share, reply, view or resolve the ticket. While closing the ticket, you can provide a proof of resolution.


Geoking is the leading Online Reputation Management provider in Saudi and the UAE. Geoking works with its clients through a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of location-based technologies. Geoking’s offerings help our customers stand out online, harness big data, improve processes, and enhance top-line revenue.
Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefits.