Alerts and Notifications

Configure alerts to notify you of events that require attention. Take automated actions based on the conditions configured in an alert. Once an incident occurs, a notification is displayed so that the administrator can respond to an issue or fix the alert.

Schedule When, Who and What Report every team member gets

An intuitive and user-friendly dashboard enabling your to find all your listings for all your locations

from main online directories in one place. Cut, slice and dice the data the way you want, use the Action buttons to edit listings, perform health checks and more.

Stay Ahead.

Customers will only find you on Google if your listings are accurate and you have reviews.

GeoKing ensures your listings are always optimized to ensure customers find the correct business address, hours, and directions online. It notifies whenever it detects low-performing locations so you can take action and maintain your top ranking online.


Geoking is the leading Online Reputation Management provider in Saudi and the UAE. Geoking works with its clients through a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of location-based technologies. Geoking’s offerings help our customers stand out online, harness big data, improve processes, and enhance top-line revenue.
Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefits.